101 Blogging Tips-Create A Product (Part 76)

Sotiris Bassakaropoulous  —  January 11, 2018 — Leave a comment

101 Blogging Tips-Create A Product (Part 76)

Hi, this is Sotiris Bassakaropoulos with part 76 of our 101 blogging tips video series. The title of this video is “Create a product” Whenever you are blogging, and you have a blog, it is possible, and it’s advised to have some sort of system or program or affiliate program that you can recommend and make some income from. That’s very good, it’s especially good if you’re just starting out and you’ve never made a penny online before. But once you’ve been online for a while and you understand how things work, and how to put things together and so on, it is a really good time to create your own product.

The thing about creating your own product is, first of all, you are branding yourself and your company, and as well as that, you are able to leverage different things that you wouldn’t be able to leverage as an affiliate. For example, you can leverage your own products by going to people that are other marketers who have clients who benefit from it. You can say “look, I can give you 50% commission on every sale I make of my course or products. And they can actually make a commission, they can basically make a commission, 50% or you can even offer 70% and as well as that you are also creating a list of buyers, so whenever they market the product to their buyers and do a joint venture with you, they will opt-in and subscribe to you. They will buy your products and you will be building a list of buyers as well which is very good for long-term income in your business.

I recommend creating your own product, and then you can build up to a bigger product range. At the moment I am in the process of creating a video series that will be 101 blogging tutorials that teach different tips and techniques about blogging. It’ll be one on one, showing you over my computer in all the videos I’ll be showing you what I do, how I do everything, how I create products, where I sell the products, how I set it up. I will be showing you how I do my blogging, the different software that I use. I’ll be going through all the things that I do, which over the last 10 years I have learned. 9 years I’ve been fulltime on the internet.

101 Blogging Tips-Create A Product (Part 76)


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